The Latest Facebook application is out for Google’s Turf.

By Elliott Wallace

A while ago, I saw David Fincher’s The Social Network, a fantastic film about the rise of the social media monster Facebook. It was amazing watching the rise and the ensuing madness created by a computer nerd and his econ major friend. It doesn’t seem like the Facebook is stopping anytime soon.

According to paidContent, Facebook will be holding a launch event on Monday for a Facebook email service, which right now is known is Project Titan. Facebook will be allowing users to create an email account. The article continues to say that Facebook will integrate some aspects of Microsoft Office. The article doesn’t have anymore information on other aspects to the service.

There were a two points that really interested me in this article. First, there was talk about this being a Google Gmail killer. I don’t really use gmail, though I have an account, so I can’t really see the difference, but it’s fascinating to think that a social media network is trying to really take down the most important tool on the internet.

The article is very cynical about that aspect, however. It points out how people generally dislike changing email accounts, and that even Gmail is behind in popularity to Yahoo and Hotmail. Adding on to that, more people are using their social media sites to send mail, though shorter messages.

What also intrigued, which was less in the article and more in my mind, were the possibilities that Facebook were working their way to bring their own web browser. It seems like the next and the more financially successful idea. While the article says that Facebook is out to protect themselves as mail services add more social media features, this new app, if successful, would create greater opportunities or it could create a new digital conglomerate.

Tomorrow will let us fully know what Mr. Zuckerberg is up to.