Yahoo Contributor Network…Where Your Voice Joins The World’s Conversations.

By Randy Smith

Everyone has a camera on some type of mobile device whether it be on their mobile phone, mp3 player, or portable gaming device. A camera or any device that is capable with recording images or audio is a powerful tool in the hands of everyday people and Yahoo, hopes to use that to their advantage.

Citizen Journalism -n. the involvement of non-professionals in reporting news, especially in blogs and other websites

Yahoo’s incarnation of community sourced journalism will be dubbed the Yahoo Contributor Network.
This will be building on the citizen journalism site Associated Content that Yahoo acquired early this year.

Many will see this expanded platform very intriguing. Imagine instead of tweeting your thoughts in 140 characters or less, you actually get to flex your writing muscle and submit articles concerning events you have witnessed. Attending a sporting event and giving a first hand account of why your team did so poorly. Or you witnessed an accident and are able to provide information to a crowd-sourcing site like this before reporters even hit the ground to cover it. And get paid for it!

Yes I said paid! User will be paid a certain amount based on the amount of traffic their article generates. Professional journalists need not worry as the rates will not be that high.

In an interview with Verne G. Kopytoff of the New York Times Luke Beatty, vice president and general manager for Yahoo, gave the example of the Virginia Tech shooting. Getting first-hand accounts from students on campus that day, he said, would have made a lot of sense.

Yahoo editors will choose what to publish and in some case solicit specific topics. This would also be a good platform for less newsy articles.