A PBS production takes a look how technology is shaping us

By Gloria Sanchez

Do you know how much time a day you spend in front of the computer?  How often do you check your celluar phone for email or text messages?  How many social sites are you registered and how often do you see your friends in real life?

Digital Nation: Life On The Virtual Frontier is a PBS Frontline documentary that was produced for TV and the Web. It reports how the digital revolution is changing our daily lives and interactions with other human beings.

Its website has a combination of PBS-produced short videos and user-generated videos, blogs, audio, and interviews with subject experts. It also allows their visitors to share their own experiences.

Video stories dominate the website and focus on how technology is making our lives faster, shaping relationships, waging war, creating virtual worlds and serving as a tool for learning and education.  There are also a sections on cyberbulling, online predators, parenting, and Internet addiction,

The TV documentary first aired on February 2, 2010 and the website was launched more than 10 moths before.  Check it out!