By Julie Kinzer

You don’t need to formally announce a Royal  engagement when you have Twitter and Facebook apparently. According to The Washington Post, the Royal Family posted Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement on Twitter first of all places. It just shows how effective social media has become and how it has pretty much changed everything.

As Ms. Jenkins pointed out during her presentation last Saturday, Twitter and Facebook have become a growing trend in Social Media that you really don’t need a newsroom (except to verify sources and fact check) when anyone can just tweet . You only have 140 characters to announce an engagement without getting into too much meticulous detail but it proves how far technology has come.

Thought it may be shocking that the Royal Family even has a Twitter or Facebook page, they are keeping up with 21st century technology. Social media is becoming so important now that you almost can’t keep up with breaking news, special announcements or events without an account. Below are two excerpts from a Washington Post Article I read.

“The announcement by Prince Charles’s Clarence House office came in the form of a formal statement and a posting to the social networking site Twitter, in keeping with the British monarchy’s recent efforts to embrace 21st-century technology.”

“The Twitter message read: “The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton.” The royal family also launched a Facebook page recently.”

Here’s the Washington Post article

Thanks and I hope everyone is having a good week! Julie Kinzer