By Barry Gordemer

I don’t own an iPad. Didn’t think I wanted one, didn’t think I needed one. But I took a step closer to taking the plunge today after my friend showed me a cool new iPad app. It’s called Social Books.

You download an ebook and as you’re reading along, you can write comments or notes directly on the page. Others can see your remarks and comment back. You can also highlight a section and send it out over Facebook or Twitter.

The New York Times wrote an article about Social Books just before it launched. There’s also a similar application out there called Copia.

Social Books does not have a lot of titles in its library—only public domain stuff for now. Seems to me, though, the appeal might be more about the sharing than it is the reading. It’s sort of like being in a really, really big book club.

I’m still agnostic when it comes to social media. I’m not interested in what someone had for lunch or what they’re going to have for dinner. Social Books is what I thought social media was supposed to be about, building community and forming relationships with people who have the same interests. I think I could get into this.