By Julie Kinzer

One of the first web sites I look at when I want to get breaking news is CNN. I really enjoy reading their IReport section because I see different perspectives from citizen journalists and read the comments people post as well. As an FEC employee the biggest story this week for me personally was President Obama’s pay freeze for federal employees. When I read that in a headline I immediately went to the IReport section to see what others are saying. I realize that a lot of people posting on the IReport aren’t actual reporters but I enjoy reading articles because it makes me realize that people just want to be heard and express their fustration or agree with President Obama on his choice.  I saw stories on IReports where people were asking others on the street about their opinion on the salary freezes and what struck me the most was listening to some fustration with Congress and wondering if they’ll get a pay freeze too if this plan should be implemented.

Not only can you read articles by CNN but you also get a perspective of IReporters who work for the government and private sector. It also makes me realize that just because you don’t have a degree in journalism that doesn’t mean that you can’t go out in public, find a story and contribute it to CNN or other media outlets who will take your footage. There are pro’s and con’s with the IReport section, some stories are one sided so it makes it hard to form an opinion. Overall CNN IReporters do a good job with finding stories, sharing their thoughts and informing the public what is going on in their communities.

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Hope Everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

Julie Kinzer