This App does what? Just Hit Play!

By: Travis S. Pratt

You’re an American journalist in Jaurez, Mexico and your covering the ongoing drug wars. You’re an American tourist trying to order a beer in Cancun. You don’t know a bit of Spanish and you don’t want to order a Corona. Menu in left hand, Iphone in right hand equals “On the fly video translation,” according to Quest Visual’s Web site promoting their new App called Word Lens.

Let Otavio Good at Quest Visual explain…

Quest Visual has developed the App to work without the use of a cellular signal or wireless internet so the App can standalone on it’s own. For now it has the ability to translate from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Each separate translator costs five dollars, or ten dollars for both. The translators function within the same App, and Quest Visuals ensures more translators will be released soon. This could be useful in many ways for the mobile journalist or any traveler. Another digital tool in the tool box.

Downloading the free App allows you to test out the service. The trial offers you the ability to reverse words. I’m not quite sure If this will be as useful.

Drow Snel or Cigam?

Otra cerveza, por favor.